About us, Who we are

Inspired to Inspire


Oh so happy, angry, sad, sociable, selfish, empathetic, investigative, tired, talkative, resilient

Mixed race, mixed culture, multi-linguist, middle-aged mother and wife

Active listener, artist, entrepreneur, co-worker, leader, participant, teacher, student, cyclist

None of these numerable mindsets negates one another; instead they form a whole

Unique yet common

Confident yet scared

Booming with energy yet tired

Passionate yet disillusioned 

Is Who I Am.

A package 

Where attitudes and skills are complementary 

Where attitudes and skills are instrumental 

To Self-growth

To Confidence 

To Content

To Happiness

From as far back as I remember, I have travelled around the world. I have lived, worked and studied on three different continents and met people of all ages, colours, nationalities, beliefs and abilities. These experiences were rich in learning and understanding opportunities of myself, of others, of the world. It has allowed me to be less discriminative and open to living the present moment. This jubilant jaunty journey made it possible for me to become a resourceful creative problem-solver. It has also been helping me reach a state of content and universal mindset.

First a play-leader, then an office manager, after that an outreach freelance artist and teacher, I am currently working as a teaching assistant and Yoga teacher in a London-based school. I also lead my own yoga classes locally.

Yoga has been providing me with a safe space to combine all of my facets and make me whole to live in peace with myself, my family, my co-workers, my partners, my community and eventually the whole world.

I have been inspired to inspire others.