Yogaworthit Meets the Mayor of Croydon 23/06/2019

JULY 2019


A Hybrid between Yoga and Books with Children Books Author Lucy Rowland

Children and their adult met children’s book author Lucy Rowland on the 6th of July 2019 in Croydon.

In an effort to celebrate diversity, challenge prejudice and bullying while promoting difference, appreciation and empathy Lucy read the story of Pirate Pete and His Smelly Feet. Fully focused and attentive, all partakers were following the story on their own copy of the book while being actively engaged.

Children said: “We felt excited to meet Lucy Rowland in person and we are proud we were able to turn her written story into movement and perform it to her.”

They especially enjoyed being invited aboard her pirate ship where they were trained by the Captain to become a pirate.

Part of the training was to be able to analyse and decrypt clues to find what every pirate thrives for: FINDING TREASURE!

The story behind meeting Pirate Pete

It all started when Captain Dodie and her fearsome cat, Black Pearl discovered a message in a bottle floating against the hull of their ship.

Curious and excited they opened it live in front of many local Croydonites pirates using modern technology. This is when they found out the cry out for help from poor Pirate Pete asking whoever received his message to rally on the 6th of July at the VHPirate Centre in Thornton Heath to help him solve his smelly feet problem.

“Help me find my smile again!” he pleaded.

Call for help fromPirate Pete to solve his smelly feet problem and get his happy, cheerful mood back

JUNE 2019

Launch of CapoYoga

A Hybrid between Yoga and Capoeira with Capoeira Teacher Karina Khokhar

Launch of GwoGa:

A hybrid between Yoga and Gwoka, a French Caribbean dance and music art form in partnership with Musician Christian-Joeseph Maturin

First Children International Yoga Day

Yogaworthit celebrated its first Yoga International Day for children and young people in partnership with Essence of Good Health Free Yoga, The Slimetastic Lab Teen Team and Karina Khokhar, a capoeira teacher.