Mindfulness Walk and Nature Mandala

In this activity, #Yogaworthit encourages partakers to give a purpose to their mindful walking.
Making a nature mandala is perfect for setting the pace of your walk.
It entices you to look around in very curious manner, requires your full focus to pay attention to details as well as being enthusiastic about everything you come across. 
Your critical thinking skills  also come into play as you look for shapes, colours, textures and  smells to assemble all collected objects in an intricate mandala pattern revealing your creative mood but also adding a story to your walk.

Mindfulness Random Act of Kindness

Mindful Spring Outdoor Activity

Ready, Steady, Spot!

A dog Trick to Get Your Teen Outdoors

Getting young people outdoors to air their brain and clock in some physical activity can be quite tricky and a source of unwanted tension in your home. 

So here is the trick: GET THEM A DOG

Recent research has proven that getting a dog has an immense positive impact on young people as it helps them manage all the changes that they are going through. 

Indeed, having a dog gives them not only the opportunity to create a special bond with a pet, but also a sense of responsibility and pride as they teach the dog tricks and responsibly pick up the excrements left behind in the park.

Getting them a dog is easier to achieve than you might think right now, and best of all it is FREE. 

All you need to do is to go on BORROWMYDOGGY.COM. Create yourself a profile. Then choose the perfect dog for you. Select when, where and how long you want to borrow the dog for and you are ready to go.

This is a great way to meet fantastic people in your neighbourhood and discover your local parks. 

What I particularly love about this option is that it is STRESS-FREE for the adult as you do not own the dog : no need to worry about dog sitting during holidays, food budget, walk rota, vet budget and more….

The perfect solution to a tricky problem.