Our Mission

Our Mission

The Right to Equal Opportunities.The Right to a Stable, Loving and Nurturing Environment. The Right to Guidance from a Caring Adult.

Yogaworthit is dedicated to providing children,  young people and their adults or carers with practical tools  to manage one’s physical, mental and emotional health in an independent and pro-active way.

As such Yogaworthit’s Moto is: 
Let’s invest in our children because they are worth it! 
They are the future, our future, their future!

Committed to make a difference in people’s life.

Committed to deliver well-resourced, differentiated, high quality teaching to children and young people.

Committed to enabling children and young people to achieve their full potential and build their growth mindset.

Dedicated to promoting engagement, active participation with leading opportunity as well as active listening.

Dedicated to providing a safe and nurturing place to voice ideas and see spontaneous initiatives come to life through complete immersion.

Dedicated to sparking interest and thirst for learning and exploring in a space where creation, appreciation and awareness of imagination and innovation is at the core of everything that is done to reflect the world from a child and young person’s point of view.