Our Partners

Yogaworthit is both partnering up with local artists & organisations and sponsoring youth to promote their entrepreneurship and leadership skills to offer a rich, stimulating and inspiring programme to their participants.

Yogaworthit offers a wide range of workshops and regular classes in schools, community centres, festivals, indoors, outdoors for charities, organisations, schools and businesses.

Its programme links in with the curriculum, skills and attitudes required to be successful in the 21st century and follows the government recommendations for mental health provision.

Mindfulness and yoga is at the chore of all sessions that Yogaworthit delivers.

By sponsoring young people’s entrepreneurship, Yogaworthit provide a safe and nurturing platform for young people to launch creative business idea and acquire invaluable skills necessary for these ideas to be successful including self management, admin skills, promotion skills, marketing skills, delivery skills.

Before the launch

After the launch

By partnering up, Yogaworthit offers sessions promoting diversity and providing a rich curriculum :

GWOGA with Christian-Joseph Maturin

Christian-Joseph Maturin is a musician from the French Caribbean Guadeloupe.

The Guadeloupean national cultural dance and music is called GwoKa, an art form that originates from the time where slavery still existed on the island.

It was born as a means of communication and as such incorporates 7 basic rhythms each expressing one type of emotion or feeling. For example “Toumblack” is an expression of happiness, love and and good mood.

In the partnership, partakers get to explore yoga through the rhythm of Ka-African drum-and bring movement to poses through the steps of Gwoka dance.

CapoYoga with Karina KhoKhar

Karina Khokhar is a capoeira teacher for children ad young people.

Capoeira is an art form that originates from Brazil and takes its roots in slavery. It is a non-contact martial art and is performed in a hoda-circle. All participants sing a call and response song while two people perform a dance pflayfight in the centre of the hoda.

In this partnership, partakers get to stretch and warm to yoga poses and see them being used in key movements such as cocorina-squat.